HeroQuest Homebrew: The Cards

Last Updated | December 15, 2019

The Cards
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These are hi-res images (300 dpi) of the updated cards I have created using Photoshop. While I did create the format and layout style of the cards, the illustrations and images used are in no way owned by me. I am, in no way, coming into any monetary gain as a result of creating or sharing these images. They are for my own personal use only, and I do not advocate anything other than personal use.
The images for Hero cards are 1.5 times the size of regular North American trading cards (both length and height). The images have been resized for viewing on this page, you can click on any image to view the full resolution version.

Traditional Heroes

Superior Combatants

Masters of Magic

Balanced Warriors


HeroQuest Homebrew: Showdown 35. Design by David Fenner. | Milton Bradley