HeroQuest Homebrew: Finishing Touches

Last Updated | June 30, 2018

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches are just as important as anything else. They add an extremely personal "touch" to my homebrew game, and they are things that get used over and over, so it justifies the extra time to make sure they look great!

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The Doors

Cheap foam board is what I finally decided on for the door frames. I spent the most time on this project trying to figure out how to build stable doors that would be strong enough to withstand endless use. I started by cutting out door frames from the foam board.

Then created the bases out of the same thick cardboard that I used for the tiles on the game board and most of my furniture. The bases are stepped in a way that they will straddle the raised wall edges on the game board. I also used the cardboard (along with the wood scoring technique) to make the closed doors.

Here's a better look at the bases, attached to the foam frames with a piece of duct tape. The door pieces I inserted into the frames after making a slit all the way around the inside.

Next up was the Art Attack inspired watered down white glue and toilet paper. When it dries, it makes a nice rough stoney texture that works for a dungeon atmosphere.

Glued on some links of a gold chain as door handles, then based everything in black.

Heavy drybrush of grey, a brownish-black wash, another not-so-heavy drybrush of grey, finish off with a light drybrush of white, and voila!

Extreme close-up! Whaaaaaaa!

Here's the closed doors. Brown base, washed with the same brownish-black, and drybrushed with brown, then lightly with tan.


I figured I'd go ahead and make the doors for the Kellar's Keep expansion now, since I had a few extra bases made up anyway. This is just a combo of thick and thin carboard cut and glued.

Wooden door.

Metal door.

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