Disney Villainous Soundboards

Last Updated | February 15, 2024

Choose Your Villain

Each portrait is a download link to a unique PowerPoint soundboard.

They were created using actual sound clips from the films, and they are exremely simple to use. After downloading the file, open it with the PowerPoint app (free from the AppStore or PlayStore) and start the slideshow, which consists of a single slide with a button for each card. It is recommended to use a phone or tablet, and lay it on the table next to your Villain realm board. The fate side is upside down so it will be oriented toward your opponents. They can play the sound for the fate card they choose. Simply click/tap a card to hear an audio clip directly from the Villain's movie!

- Click/tap the Villain's portrait to hear their signature phrase (the one printed on their realm board), and click/tap it again when you win the game!
- Click/tap anywhere on the Villain's side of the soundboard for a positive reaction sound (laugh/taunt).
- Click/tap anywhere on the fate half for a negative reaction when an opponent hits you with a nasty fate!

Disney Villainous Soundboards by ShowdownDave. Soundboard Design by David Fenner. | Board Game distributed by Ravensberger